In April 2012, the Board of Education for the Oakland Unified School District adopted a School Governance policy (Board Policy 3625) empowering school site governance teams with expanded decision-making authority to address the specific needs of their students. OUSD asked Urban Strategies Council to facilitate a task force to develop administrative regulations to guide implementation of the policy.

From September 2013 to January 2014, the Council convened and supported the OUSD Site Governance Task Force comprised of representatives of a cross-section of school community stakeholders. The Task Force has developed a draft set of Site Governance Administrative Regulations (SGAR), which was recently sent to the Superintendent, along with supporting materials illustrating the expanded decision making process.  We are continuing to seek feedback on the proposed regulations from interested groups and individuals across the community before submitting a final version to the School Board for approval.

If you consider yourself to be an Oaklander with a stake in our school system then we invite you to share your ideas and feedback on this proposed new system here!

Visit our Site Governance page to read the draft and comment on the regulations and supporting documents.