On Course To Graduate: A Deeper Look at African American Males in OUSD

This report begins to answer some of the questions that indicator tracking does not address including: 1. What proportion of African American male students are on course, despite the adverse circumstances they face in Oakland? 2. How do factors such as participating in afterschool programs, living in a high-violence neighborhood, living in a high-poverty neighborhood, [...]

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A Closer Look at Suspensions of African American Males in OUSD

African American males were suspended at a rate more than six times that of white males across the district and over three times the rate of other students. One of three reports that Urban Strategies Council has produced for the African American Male Achievement Initiative based on data from the 2010-11 school year, this report [...]

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African American Male Achievement Initiative Indicator Data Packet 05.2012

Produced for the African American Male Achievement Initiative, this data packet analyzes trends over time for African American male students in Oakland Unified School District in each of the goal areas of the initiative, including attendance, academic achievement, literacy, suspensions, middle school, incarceration, and graduation.

Perfect Scores for African American Males

This brief report examines available data about the African American male students who got a perfect CST score in 2009-10 or 2010-11 and, where possible, compares them to other African American boys. In the fall of 2010, a mother whose son had earned a perfect score on one of his California Standards Tests (CST) contacted [...]

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Partnership for Change: Linking Schools, Services and the Community to Serve Oakland Youth

Urban Strategies Council published this report in 1992 with the Oakland Interagency Group for School-Linked Services. Based on an analysis of a cross-match of student records with data from 19 health and social services programs, the report calls for schools to become places where children and their families can find a wide array of supports, [...]

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