OakReads 2020 Grade-Level Reading Update 2013-2014

In April 2014, OR2020 published its Baseline Report, which looked at levels of reading proficiency and indicators for the four levers of change in 2010-11, as well as outcomes, conditions, and strategies during the first two years of OR2020 (2011-12 and 2012-13). In the first annual update, we examine and reflect on gains and challenges in the past [...]

OakReads 2020 Baseline Report

The Oakland Reads 2020 Baseline Report is an in-depth look at the state of third grade reading proficiency in Oakland, analyzing student outcomes from kindergarten to fifth grade for literacy skills and for four levers of change that we know contribute to reading at grade level by third grade: school readiness, attendance, summer learning and [...]

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Will Millions Spent on Linked Learning Improve Success Rates for Oakland High School Students?

In November 2014, Oakland voters passed a ballot measure (N) that will bring about $13 million a year to Oakland high schools to fully develop Linked Learning as a strategy for improving rates of graduation, college enrollment, and career employment after high school. But the public’s $13 million annually is only a portion of the [...]

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Oakland Achieves Public School Progress Report for 2014-2015

The Oakland Achieves Partnership has just released our third annual Progress Report on Public Education. In this report we highlight impressive progress in attendance and suspensions, and, at the same time, stark disparities in outcomes among student groups and unacceptably low performance overall in some areas. […]

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OUSD Invests to Improve Outcomes for Latino Males in Oakland Public Schools

Urban Strategies Council applauds the Oakland Unified School District’s recent announcement of plans to support the Unity Council’s Latino Men and Boys program at eight schools in the district. With support from multiple partners and local agencies, this unprecedented investment reflects a strong commitment to improving academic, social, and life outcomes for Latino males in [...]

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A Closer Look at Attendance of African American Males in OUSD

This report, A Closer Look at Attendance of African American Males (AAM) in OUSD, examines data, best practices, and policies related to attendance and chronic absence and offers recommendations for reducing the levels of chronic absence for AAM in OUSD. The report analyzes one year of attendance data (2010-2011) for AAM in OUSD, looking at [...]

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