Eden Area Livability Initiative Community Profile 2013

The Eden Area Community Profile 2013 was commissioned by Alameda County Supervisor Nate Mileyto provide both a new baseline for understanding the five diverse communities in the Eden Area and to evaluate the changes since the initial profile was prepared. It is intended to support the work of Phase II of the Eden Area Livability [...]

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Healthy Housing in Oakland

The data presented in our new report show that Oakland is a city of disparities, many of which are reproduced in the City’s topography. Oakland—as a whole—is very diverse; the same cannot be said for many parts of the City. […]

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Partnership for Change: Linking Schools, Services and the Community to Serve Oakland Youth

Urban Strategies Council published this report in 1992 with the Oakland Interagency Group for School-Linked Services. Based on an analysis of a cross-match of student records with data from 19 health and social services programs, the report calls for schools to become places where children and their families can find a wide array of supports, [...]

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