A Closer Look at Attendance of African American Males in OUSD

This report, A Closer Look at Attendance of African American Males (AAM) in OUSD, examines data, best practices, and policies related to attendance and chronic absence and offers recommendations for reducing the levels of chronic absence for AAM in OUSD. The report analyzes one year of attendance data (2010-2011) for AAM in OUSD, looking at [...]

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African American Male Achievement Initiative Indicator Data Packet 05.2012

Produced for the African American Male Achievement Initiative, this data packet analyzes trends over time for African American male students in Oakland Unified School District in each of the goal areas of the initiative, including attendance, academic achievement, literacy, suspensions, middle school, incarceration, and graduation.

OUSD Chronic Absenteeism Study

This research and the following spatial analysis reveals high levels of chronic absence in our district (Chronic Absence is defined as missing 10% or more of a school year- 18 days in California). Using 6th grade absence data we are able to accurately predict high school drop-out rates for poor children so this is a [...]

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