Oakland Violence Stressor Model


Our stressor model was developed to help the City of Oakland answer the question: How can a city allocate limited resources across neighborhoods with diverse needs?  While many areas of Oakland enjoy prosperity and rarely see violence, some neighborhoods are in despair, besieged by those risk factors that have well acquainted them to violence.


We built this data model as a way to show the geographic variations in different measures of neighborhood stress and violence. The latest model was produced in 2014 and reflects changes in many data measures. This model was designed to incorporate several critical indicators and can be used as a reference for these specific metrics as well as the overall model. Each Community Police Beat is assigned a statistic that represents the level of need compared to all other police beats in Oakland. Beats with high violence-related stress scores represent neighborhoods that need more investment to ensure positive outcomes for youth and families alike.

Review the latest stressor model here.

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