Violence Prevention Asset Mapping and Needs Assessment for Oakland


A critical piece of any planning and investment is knowing the needs and gaps in your community. From 2014 to 2015 we worked with the City of Oakland to conduct a gap assessment of violence prevention services, building an index of almost 1,000 programs and services aimed at preventing violence and improving reentry outcomes.


We prepared an analysis of gaps in these services based on the number of young adults being served along with the younger, high need populations and the services in place to support them also. This analysis paired service gaps, neighborhood stress models and interview feedback and resulted in an overall assessment of violence prevention efforts in Oakland.

We know that goals are hard achieve without measurable outcomes and we developed a new Violence Prevention Indicator Model in partnership with the Prevention Institute. This indicator model provides key metrics for sensitive age groups and includes both individual level outcomes as well as system and community indicators to allow for accountability and transparency as the City seeks to improve violence-related outcomes for young people.