During recent months, we have been assessing the impact of our work as we seek to hone our focus. In our very first Impact Report, we’re proud to highlight some of the major efforts we have engaged in during the past two years and the impact of this work towards achieving our mission.

We believe that the conditions required to eliminate persistent poverty include high quality education, sustainable wage employment, public safety, and affordable housing. The Council works across these issue areas, bringing our expertise in research, policy, systems reform, and cross-sector collaboration. We believe that collective action propelled by accurate, relevant, and timely data is critical to achieving the social change we envision through our mission.

Some of the highlights contained in the report include:

  • The release of three major reports exploring the disparities facing African American male students in Oakland, which drew national attention and catalyzed local action. The reports explore suspensions, school attendance, and trajectories toward high school graduation.
  • Revealing the extent of investor acquisition of foreclosed properties in Oakland’s low-income communities of color. Resident activists used this data to secure a policy victory requiring investors to register their properties with the City and ensure that those properties are up to code. Read our report: Who Owns Your Neighborhood?
  • Advocacy for open data policy, which contributed to the Oakland City Council’s adoption of an open data resolution and the launch of open data portals by Alameda County and the City of Oakland.
  • The creation of the , an award-winning, innovative financial education curriculum designed to educate consumers about predatory financial products and alternatives, which was launched by the Alameda County Community Asset Network.
  • Organizing a successful regional hearing of the Assembly Select Committee on the Status of Boys and Men of Color in California and helping to create a statewide policy agenda to improve conditions for boys and men of color in education, health, employment and criminal justice.
  • Achieving Oakland’s most democratic redistricting process to date by leading a coalition of community organizations, and providing technical and strategy support to the coalition.

In addition to examples of our recent impact, we lay out the major strategic directions of our work going forward. It is our hope that this impact report helps our partners and investors understand our work and identify ways in which we can more effectively partner with them in the future.

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Junious joined the Council in 1992 and was appointed CEO in 1998. He holds a Juris Doctorate in Law and a Bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Michigan.

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