The Oakland Reads 2020 Baseline Report, released today, finds that fewer than half of OUSD third graders were reading proficiently over the last three years. Only 38% of third graders were reading proficiently in 2012-13. The Oakland Reads 2020 Baseline Report: An Examination of Pathways to Third Grade Reading in Oakland from 2010 to 2013, also finds that proficiency rates vary widely by race/ethnicity, gender, English Language and Special Education status.  For instance, literacy outcomes in 2012-13 show that Asian students were twice as likely to read at grade level by third grade than Latino and African American students, and White students were nearly three times as likely.

The Oakland Reads 2020 (OR2020) campaign, an initiative of the Oakland Literacy Coalition, aims for 85% or more of third graders to be reading at grade level by 2020. This new report was produced by Urban Strategies Council and was commissioned by the Rogers Family Foundation for OR2020, a multi-sector collaborative effort combining the strength of the Oakland Unified School District, the City of Oakland, city and county agencies, community based organizations, and funders.  It is part of the national Grade-Level Reading Campaign which includes more than 130 communities across the U.S.

Download the report or read it here:

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