This year the Oakland Achieves Partnership produced three reports on public education in Oakland: A Public Education Progress Report, A Demographics and Outcomes Addendum and this report. This report provides a deeper dive into suspension and attendance with some additional demographics for context.

We began this series of reports by looking at the indicators from district-run and charter schools in Oakland, something never done before.  Now we’re releasing our school level data to help parents and educators understand how much variation exists on multiple measures across schools, within charters and district-run schools.  Individual school data is critical as this tells us more about how particular schools are operating and how students are either succeeding or struggling in that particular school.  Our data showed that in the highest and lowest groups for all measures, we had a mix of district-run and charter schools; it was clear that neither type of school was ubiquitously great nor failing but both types have many areas to work on.

District and Charter School Enrollment

In the 2014-2015 school year over one quarter of public school students were in charters, but not every grade level had this split, below you will see how the charter/district school mix varied by grade level.  We see a big bump in charter enrollment in 6th grade yet this drops in 7-8th grades, this is an artifact of many new charters only starting with a single grade and building out other grades as a cohort graduates each year, so we expect these numbers to go up in 7-8th grades each year.

School Grade Enrollment for 2014-2015

School Grade Enrollment for 2014-2015



We found that suspension rates peaked in middle school in district-run schools: in 2014-2015 almost one in eleven 8th-grade students was suspended. In charter schools the suspension rate peaked in 10th grade, with more than one in twelve students suspended.


When we dug into these school level data we found that sixteen elementary schools in 2014-2015 did not suspend any students, including 11 district schools and five charter schools.  However one charter elementary school suspended 27% of students, while the highest elementary school suspension rate among district-run schools was 7.8%.

When we split these data by race/ethnicity we saw something much more stark; in district-run elementary schools the suspension rate for African American students was 3.6% whereas in charters this rate was 11.5%; so one in nine African American students in elementary charters are being suspended. The average suspension rate for elementary schools was two percent.

Suspension Rates by Race/Ethnicity for OUSD in 2014-2015

Suspension Rates by Race/Ethnicity for OUSD in 2014-2015


Attendance patterns across all schools is well below the goals set by OUSD in recent years, with barely two thirds to three quarters of all students in district-run and charter schools having satisfactory attendance levels.

Students Living Outside of Oakland

We also released data on the proportion of students not living in Oakland for every school. We expect differences here as charters are often designed to pull particular students from other neighboring cities but the variation is certainly of interest. While the average rate of out-of-Oakland students was around two percent across elementary/middle/high, there were charter schools with rates well over half their students not residing in Oakland.

You can download the Deep Dive report here:

The School Profiles report is also available here.

Download the school spreadsheet here.