The Oakland Achieves Partnership has just released our third annual Progress Report on Public Education. In this report we highlight impressive progress in attendance and suspensions, and, at the same time, stark disparities in outcomes among student groups and unacceptably low performance overall in some areas. We are committed as a partnership to continuing to provide this data, making it possible for us to track progress and to hold ourselves accountable as a community for the success of our young people here in Oakland.

What has improved?

Attendance is improving

  • The proportion of students with satisfactory attendance (attending 95% or more of the time) increased from 67% in 2010-11 to 73% in 2013-14.
  • Chronic absence (attending 90% or less of the time, 18 days in a full year) went down slightly.

Suspensions are going down

  • The suspension rate has been dropping steadily over the last five years- rates are 29% lower than in 2010-2011.
  • Suspensions of African Americans have gone down most sharply, although the rates for this group still remain much higher than for other groups.

Where do we still need work?

OUSD preschools are serving some students better than others.

  • African American children who attended OUSD’s preschools (which serve only low-income children) started preschool with school readiness scores that are comparable to other groups but did not see as much improvement over the year. This suggests that something about the preschool experience was not meeting the needs of these students as well as it met those of other groups.

Major disparities still exist

  • African American, Latino, and Pacific Islander students continue to have markedly worse outcomes than other groups in major benchmark areas for school success.
  • Graduation rates are still low across the city with barely two thirds completing in the ideal four years.

Read the report today and flip to the back page for our action agenda! Read it here.

For a faster read, our Executive Summary is a fact-rich brief that complements the main report. Available here.

The Oakland Achieves Partnership (OAP) is a coalition of community organizations united by their focus on quality education for youth in Oakland, CA.