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The Oakland Achieves Partnership is working on a fourth annual Oakland Achieves Progress Report, with a big twist this year! As with previous years, this report will examine the educational outcomes of Oakland’s public school students on indicators from early childhood to college to give a picture of how our students are faring from “cradle to career.” The twist? We’re aiming to include all charter schools this time!

This year the report will provide a breakdown of student outcomes in different types of public schools, including district-run schools, district-authorized charter schools, and county-authorized charter schools. With so many of our public school students attending charters, we need to know how students in these schools are performing and how all schools are serving their students. We will be analyzing and including outcome measures for these students/schools in addition to outcomes for the district-run schools that we have been reporting on in past reports.

Because data are not collected in one central system for charter schools, we are depending this year on the charter schools themselves to provide us with their data. We are very excited to report that almost all of the charters have agreed to participate. We understand that this is a difficult request for many charters as their capacity is often stretched by their existing commitments; however the leadership in these schools have expressed that they understand the importance of transparency around how students are faring in all public schools.

As of today, we have the data in hand from 19 of the 40 charter schools in Oakland- we’re pushing to get all the schools data by the end of next week so we can complete the report on schedule- should we not receive all the data, we will be proceeding with what we have and doing a meta-analysis on the missing schools to clearly communicate how those schools may affect the overall data picture- if all high-performing schools do not provide data, we’ll be transparent that the data are skewed as such.

The Oakland Achieves Partnership is a coalition that includes Educate78, First 5 of Alameda County, GO Public Schools, the Oakland Chamber of Commerce, the Oakland Public Education Fund, the Rogers Foundation, the United Way of the Bay Area, Urban Strategies Council, and the YMCA