Urban Strategies Council and AC CAN invite you to join us for two events on Thursday, May 11th.

Income and Asset Development 101 Training

 9:00am-10:00am, May 11th

OVERVIEW: AC CAN developed this training for professionals who are new to the field of income and asset development and as an orientation to AC CAN for staff from AC CAN member organizations.

The training will cover the following topics:

  • The importance of income and asset development services such as access to credit, affordable bank accounts, and financial education
  • Using case studies to identify the right services to meet the needs of low-income families
  • Understanding the resources that AC CAN and its network offers
  • How you can integrate AC CAN’s income and asset building services into your work

Register for the training if you:

  • Recently joined an AC CAN member organization
  • Work at an organization which recently became an AC CAN member
  • Work at a non-member organization and want to learn how to integrate income and asset development into your work


AC CAN Stakeholder Convening: Exploring Advocacy and Making Change

10:15am-12:00pm, May 11th

OVERVIEW: The public services that many low-income communities rely on are facing constant challenges from the new federal administration. Communities and service providers feel under attack.  How can we take action to protect services, and how can we rally for services that better meet the needs?

Frontline staff are in daily contact with the people our organizations serve, and they hear about how programs like EBT cards, EITC tax credits, and individual development accounts work – and don’t work – in our communities.  It is out of these conversations that the most innovative policy solutions are formed.

But direct service agencies are already over-stretched for time and resources.  And the world of advocacy can seem hard to penetrate and understand. Yet people telling the stories of their experiences with safety net programs and financial services are extremely powerful. Personal stories make a point that data alone cannot.

At this convening we will explore questions such as:

  • What is the range of advocacy activities, what kinds of advocacy are nonprofits already doing, and what kinds would they like to start doing?
  • How do we strengthen the connections between direct service agencies and advocacy organizations?
  • How do we shape stories of daily life into persuasive narratives that will change minds?
  • How do we support individuals to tell their own stories and advocate for their own needs?
  • How can we compensate individuals who use their limited time and energy to share their personal stories in public ways?
  • How can we connect advocacy and storytelling to the work that busy nonprofits are already doing?

Mark your calendars and share this invite with a colleague.

Questions? Contact AC CAN at, or call (510) 463-2882

*Feel free to RSVP for only the first event, only the second, or join us for both!