New Look, New Website, Same Council

Urban Strategies Council logo

Today we’re proud to unveil our new look. After thirty years we thought it was time to rethink our our image, as many of you have suggested. So here it is!

As of today we have a fresh new logo, our first ever Style Guide, a whole swag of collateral to help tell our story better than ever, and a much clearer website.  When set out on our rebrand at the start of the year, we hired Marshall Cannon Company, a local black-owned business and got to work reimagining what the Council could look like. The only thing we haven’t changes is our name; we did love that. And you seem to dig it too, so that’s staying put.

Our new logo is a big change, we hope you get to love it like we do.  Here’s what we wanted to communicate; we bring people together around a big table to work on complex issues- hence a hexagon, also our issues are many faceted, like a hexagon.  

Second, there’s three of them, representing:

  • the Council,
  • Government, and
  • Community.

Those are the three ingredients we work with, how we get things done. These hexes also reflect our three main goals- Racial, Social and Economic Equity. They also represent our approach:

  • Research,
  • Advocacy, and
  • Collaboration.

The color also reflect our identity; orange represents creativity, encouragement  and determination, while dark blue represents trust, wisdom, stability and expertise. We really dig the orange connection to enthusiasm because we know change is possible if we center community in our work.

If you ever need to grab our logo, you can find the files on our style page.

The web redesign was intended to better share the stories of our work, and give us a chance to highlight our partners over time.   This new site will be evolving, as all good websites should.  Our Resources page is simpler with fewer categories to sift through, and our aversion to using photos of people has been dealt with. (Yes, we heard you.)

You’ll see our new look in lots of places soon. We’d love your feedback on the new content and style as you interact with our team. We definitely need to thank our wonderful design consultant Marshall Cannon for his help in getting us to this new us.

To the next 30 years of fighting for social justice, together!