The Council was awarded the Innovation in Crime Mapping award at the recent Crime Mapping conference in Miami held by the National Institute of Justice (Part of the US Dept of Justice). Our winning work is below, click on the map for a modest size popup version or feel free to download the full PDF designed to print at 36″x48″. The map shows how we analyzed both neighborhood housing and foreclosure trends and local crime patterns when considering how to implement our Community Land Trust as a strategy for neighborhood stabilization. We’ll also be talking about similar work at the upcoming Federal Reserve of Richmond conference on Strategic Data Use to Stabilize Neighborhoods.


Large PDF Version (Right Click and download only, 22MB file will hang many browsers)

East Oakland has faced multiple crisis over the past decades from heavy disinvestment in the mid century to spiraling crime and unemployment and failing public school systems in the 80’s through to today. On top of this long term stress for this part of our city, the predatory lending of the early 2000’s has resulted in massive foreclosures across an area with historically stable home ownership.

The Oakland Community Land Trust was formed to stabilize these communities and our model has combined very detailed neighborhood level data on crime, assets, foreclosure and housing condition to ensure our work is data-driven and proactive.

This map illustrates the growing burden of the foreclosure crisis on this part of Oakland over time and the changes in stability in serious crime in this neighborhood that makes any form of neighborhood stabilization that much harder.