We’ll be publishing some new data for this weekend’s International Open Data Day and wanted to give people a look at what it contains. We obtained Oakland Fire Department calls for service data under a public Records Act request a year ago for a Healthy Homes project, but the data unfortunately did not contain enough granular information to inform that research. But it’s still incredibly valuable and useful data, so we’ll be releasing it this week. The file contains call information, response times and our geocoded locations based upon the addresses provided, in all about 47,920 records. When you strip down the medical calls (about 83% of Oakland Fire Department calls are for medical emergencies not fires) you get about 920 unique incidents- each call can involve multiple units/trucks.

We’ve mapped the fire incidents to Zillow’s version of Oakland’s neighborhoods to show the rough distribution in 2012 to give you some idea of the pattern of structure fires in Oakland. Data coming soon.