Urban Strategies Council and AC CAN are pleased to announce the online launch of the Savvy Consumer Toolkit!


This Toolkit is a financial education curriculum with a community consciousness, as it uses popular education to develop critical thinking skills regarding the long term cost and community impact of predatory financial products and services.  Toolkit participants become more informed consumers, keeping more money in their pockets and local communities.  It was recently awarded the 2013 Innovation Award from the California Asset Building Coalition, who found it this year’s most promising strategy to reduce poverty.

The Toolkit has been designed by and for financial coaches, service providers, and base-building groups and contains  in-depth information on eight of the most common predatory products and practices, including how they work, and their real cost to you and your neighborhood.

What makes this Toolkit unique is its incorporation of participants’ experiences, its attention to industry marketing and messaging tactics, and its focus on local, low cost financial products and services.  This Toolkit is best used alongside general financial education programs that focus on budgeting, account management, financial planning, and saving.

For example, the long term cost of using a Car Title Loan is illustrated here:

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Get the Toolkit now at:  http://bit.ly/getsavvynow

We are looking for new partners! If you are working on income and asset development, including financial education, in Alameda County, consider joining AC CAN today at http://www.alamedacountycan.org/application.shtml or contact Ashley James, AC CAN Coordinator at accan@urbanstrategies.org or 510-463-2882.

Interested in learning how to facilitate a workshop?  Attend the next train the trainer workshop, scheduled for Friday, January 10th from 9:30-Noon at Urban Strategies Council (1720 Broadway, 2nd Floor, Oakland) to learn more about the curriculum and how to deliver a workshop to your clients and/or community members.  Register at the link here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/savvy-consumer-toolkit-train-the-trainer-workshop-tickets-9162588549