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Violence Prevention

Community safety is an integral component of building vibrant, healthy neighborhoods; our approach is informed by the belief that community violence is both unnecessary and preventable.

Our violence prevention efforts connect with our work in other areas, including workforce development and education equity, and we apply a public health lens to understanding root causes and current outcomes related to violent crime. We understand that unsafe communities result in increased levels of stress and personal health risk for residents, as well as contribute to systemic disinvestment and depressed economic activity for whole neighborhoods.

Our violence prevention work has supported related efforts from the City of Oakland, the City of Richmond, and Alameda County, and we continue to partner with local government and community-based organizations to inform planning and increase residents’ engagement to reduce violence in the East Bay. We are proponents of data-driven decision making and advocate for greater transparency and open data related to violent crime and policing so that we can break cycles of violence and incarceration.

Oakland Stressors


Violence Prevention Asset Mapping and Needs Assessment for Oakland

Alameda County Violence Prevention Initiative