Pathways to College and Career

We believe that excellent and equitable public education is a civil right and a cornerstone of eliminating poverty and building vibrant, health communities. Our role is to bring together public systems and community partners to develop innovative solutions that ensure all young people in the East Bay are successful in college, career and community. We convene cross-sector tables and drive the development of programs and policies that support the success of our most disconnected young adults to college career pathways. We support this collaborative decision-making with a data-driven approach that exposes disparities in resources, opportunities and student outcomes, helping the education community better target its resources, while increasing transparency and accountability.

Direct Connect to Community College

Objective: Connecting Disengaged Youth in Alameda County to College and Career

We convene a table of more than 120 members of community based organizations, the four colleges of the Peralta Community College District, and Alameda County adult schools who collaborate to develop strong, supported pathways to and through college for disconnected youth (aged 18-24) in Alameda County.  We are currently driving the development and implementation of several pilot projects to bring the least engaged, most systems impacted young people to connect with and complete community college pathways.  This work is part of the state-funded regional effort coordinated by the Alameda County Office of Education to support strong career pathways for disengaged youth and students in court, continuation, community and other alternative schools.

East Bay Career Pathways Consortium, West Contra Costa County hub

Objective: Expanding and Improving Work Based Learning for High School Students in Career Pathways

We are the intermediary for the West Contra Costa region to expand the quality and quantity of work based learning activities for all students in K-12 career pathways.  We work with the West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD), Contra Costa College, chambers of commerce, workforce development board, community based organizations, and others to improve the quality of and equitable access to work based learning activities for all WCCUSD high school students in career pathways. This work is part of the state-funded effort coordinated regionally by the Peralta Community College District.

Health Career Pathways for West County Youth

Objective: Increasing Opportunity, Access and Success in Health Pathways for West County Youth Aged 13-24

We collect data and provide equity analyses on student outcomes and workforce opportunities to inform decision making for this initiative focused on increasing opportunity, access and success in health pathways for youth and young adults in West Contra Costa County.  We are also designing online tools for the West Contra Costa school district to collect and analyze work based learning assessment data in health pathways from students, teachers, and participating employers.

Young Adult Leadership Council

We convene the Young Adult Leaders Council, a year long cohort of young adults, ages 18-24, who have lived and/or personal experiences with social services and criminal justice systems and are in the process of completing secondary or post secondary education. This cohort is being equipped with personal and professional tools to use their lived experience to influence positive changes in their community. This process will include a participatory action research project on a topic of their choice as well as opportunities to engage with policy advocates, government agencies, elected officials, and related stakeholders.

Re-Engagement Center Network

We are coordinating the Re-Engagement Center Network (RECN), a growing number of organizations throughout Alameda County that provide stabilization and support services to disconnected young adults.  The RECN’s short term goal is to connect young adults to support services, and the long term goal is to provide them an opportunity to access educational and vocational support through partnerships with adult schools and local community college districts. Current RECN partners include Berkeley Youth Alternatives, Hayward Adult School/Youth Enrichment Services, Youth Employment Partnership, Civicorps, and La Familia.

Cohort Success for Re-entry Populations in Community Colleges

We work with seven community colleges and two universities in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties to build capacity for existing and emerging cohort programs supporting pathways to and through college for formerly incarcerated young adults.  We identify and share promising practices, and identify, develop and advocate for stronger re-engagement programs, targeted certificate and degree programs, and work based learning opportunities.