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Developing Projects for Boys & Men of Color

Boys of Color 0-8 Early Childhood Health and Education Project

Urban Strategies Council recognizes the importance of applying an equity framework and analysis to all data concerning early health and education outcomes. Therefore, we are proposing a general equity analysis and report on outcomes for children 0-8 years old in Oakland with a particular focus on boys of color.  We are focusing on the following six key areas:

  1. Increase enrollment in quality pre-kindergarten care and education services
  2. Improve health and wellness
  3. Increase school attendance and reduced chronic absence
  4. Increase rates of school readiness
  5. Reduce early years and early grades discipline and suspension rates
  6. Improve rates of 3rd grade reading  and math proficiency 

Trauma-Informed Care Project

The Manhood Development Program (MDP) initiative is focused on identifying and piloting trauma-informed screening, assessment and intervention services for the MDP, OYI and City of Oakland violence prevention programs (Ceasefire, Street Outreach and other Oakland Unite Programs). The project will assess a variety of trauma assessment and intervention tools and select 2-3 tools to pilot at partner sites while building a community-wide infrastructure for embedding trauma-informed practices into local programs and developing a system of care for those who have post-traumatic stress disorder and/or need mental health and social services.

BMoC Employment and Workforce Development Strategy

The purpose of this is to design, implement, and maintain a comprehensive, integrated workforce development system that expands economic development and workforce capacity and includes strategies that improves access to or creates quality employment opportunities for boys and men of color in Alameda County. This strategy is focused on the following outcomes:

  1.       Increase the number of men of color employed by public agencies in permanent positions.
  2.       Increase the number of men of color who advance into career positions within public agencies.
  3.       Increase the number of men of color who are employed by vendors providing goods and services to public agencies
  4.       Increase the number of men of color who participate in public workforce training programs who obtain private sector employment.

For a Summary of the BMoC Employment and Workforce Development Strategy, see link here