Between 2007 and 2011, there were over 10,500 completed foreclosures in the City of Oakland.  While foreclosure activity peaked in 2008, the housing crisis has eased only in relative terms.  In 2011, there were still over 1,300 new completed foreclosures in Oakland, and after a brief period of decline between May and October, foreclosure activity was on a steep increase at the end of 2011.


From 2008 onwards, using individual points to represent each completed foreclosure on a map has been problematic simply because there have been so many foreclosures in Oakland.  With so many overlapping points, much of the individual data gets obscured.  Nevertheless, we have continued to produce maps with point-level data because they convey the tragic and overwhelming reality of what has happened on the ground in Oakland — each point represents a lost home and a family displaced.


To get a better sense of the geographic concentration of foreclosure activity in Oakland over the same time period (2007 through 2011), we have created a thematic map that aggregates all completed foreclosures according to the census tract in which they are located.  The density of foreclosures per tract ranges from only one foreclosed property per tract (North Oakland-Rockridge area) to 349 foreclosed properties in one East Oakland tract.


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