Social Equity

We envision inclusive and just communities in which everyone has a sense of belonging and connection, communities that value the lives, voices, and gifts of all.  We will need to transform the public systems that shape our communities — from education to health and social services, from public safety to transportation and housing — so that they expand opportunities for all people to realize their potential and to live a fulfilling life.

Whether this is the schools our children attend no longer suspending black boys at a rate six times higher than white boys, or banks offering fair mortgage rates to black and Latino homebuyers, social equity is critical to ensuring a just, healthy society.  Issues of police brutality and bias in policing practices are an integral part of the lacking social equity in communities across the bay area.

We bring public system leaders together with community leaders, to examine and dismantle social inequities, using data to shine light on problems and inform solutions.

Racial Equity