Racial Equity

We believe that achieving a just society and a true democracy requires us to recognize the centrality of racism in the history of the our country, our state, our cities, and our neighborhoods. Pursuing racial equity means affirming the worth and dignity of all people, and rigorously uncovering and dismantling the structures, policies, and practices that produce racial injustice.

When we bring an equity lens to an issue, we often begin with data. This means thinking carefully about how data will be disaggregated to reveal disparities by neighborhood, race/ethnicity, income level, gender, disability, language, age or generation, and other characteristics important in a community.

Closing gaps is not enough if even those with the best outcomes experience unacceptable conditions. For example, eliminating racial disparities in rates of homelessness while leaving those overall rates intact would fall short of true equity.. In all of our work, we strive not only to close gaps, but to raise the standards so that all people in the community can flourish.