Economic Equity

Growth is inevitable in the current economic climate across the Bay Area, and while we firmly believe that growth can be an asset to existing community residents, this does not occur naturally, not without a commitment by local government to ensure that the benefits of local growth and development are equitably distributed.  Our work to ensure equitable share in economic growth has been mainly through affordable housing and community benefits agreements.

We fight for development without displacement and work to ensure that public assets are used for the highest possible purpose- most often this is affordable housing.  We cannot achieve economic equity for all people if public lands are used to fuel the development of luxury homes for the wealthy.

We support community control of land as well as co-operative models of business ownership that provide enhanced benefits to many who would never realize the prize of owning a company.  

We also focus on financial industry practices in home mortgage lending, financial education of working people and asset building practices to ensure those in the workforce can build wealth and ensure financial sustainability.