State of the Race: Bay Area Blacks

Released: October 6, 2010

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The Bay Area has seen many changes in the past twenty years, changes in the housing stock, in the education sector, in the employment opportunities and the industries based here, in the workforce countyblackpopchangedevelopment arena, in economic development activities, and in the demographics of its populace. Long recognized as a multi-cultural region with rich ethnic communities tied to established neighborhoods, the diversity of the Bay Area has changed constantly, with no ethnic group remaining demographically static over the past two decades. For organizations and individuals involved in serving and supporting the Black and African-American communities in the Bay Area, it is important to understand the changes that are impacting these communities and how these populations themselves are changing. This report examines the State of the Race: an analysis of the changing Black community in the Bay Area and begins to present data and information pertinent to the philanthropic, community building, and governmental sectors.
This report sets out to answer four main questions posed by the Bay Area Blacks in Philanthropy (the commissioners and funders of this report).

  1. Where did African-Americans reside in the Bay Area in 2000 and what changes occurred through 2008?
  2. What are the population characteristics of the African-American community and how do they compare to other racial/ethnic groups?
  3. What cities and neighborhoods had the highest concentration of African-Americans in 2000 and 2008?
  4. What are the most significant needs in African-American communities and what are the implications for philanthropic investments in the African-American communities?