Oakland Crime Maps for 2011 by Police Beat

Released: April 1, 2012

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These maps represent crime reports that have been aggregated to police beats for a number of key crime types including robbery, shootings, burglary, property and violent crimes as well as homicides. Like most measures of social outcomes and neighborhood indicators, crime is not evenly dispersed across the city, so a citywide average does not speak to the reality of every neighborhood in the same way. Our beat level crime maps are powerful tools for examining distribution and change in crime across our city. In 2011 we saw shifts in crime in both the flatlands and the hills, and with some crimes that saw drops overall there were certain neighborhoods that experienced marked increases in these very crimes.

2011_BurglaryYC 2011_HomicideYC 2011_MVTheftsYC 2011_RobberiesYC th2-2010ViolenceChange th3-2010Shootings th4-2010ShootingsChange th5-2010Assaults th6-2010Robbery th7-2010Homicides th8-2010PropertyCrimes th9-2010PropertyChange th10-2010Burglary th11-2010Autotheft 2011_AssaultsYC

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