Major Ethnic Groups in Alameda County

Released: June 8, 2011

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The State of California requires that county supervisorial districts are redrawn after each decennial census to better reflect the voting population. As Alameda County prepares to redraw these district lines, it is helpful to examine how well these districts represent our communities. Supervisorial lines can divide or combine groups of people, impacting the political power of race. What new boundaries would create the most equitable representation in our county?


We created this map to compare the racial composition of each Alameda County Supervisor's current district boundaries. Within each district boundary, the racial composition of the population is shown by census tract. In many census tracts, there is no racial group that comprises the true majority (over 50%) of the population in that tract. For simplicity, in this map we symbolized based on which group has plurality - which group represents the largest number. To aid in the comparison, we created pie charts of the population in each supervisor's district, broken down into the same ethnic categories as the census tracts.

The data used for the pie charts was taken from Alameda County's Supervisorial Redistricting 2011 website (

If you have an interest in redistricting in Alameda County or Oakland contact the team at Greenlining.

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