Alameda County Violent Crime Fact Sheet 2013

Since 2010, Urban Strategies Council has produced and published a snapshot of violent crime in Alameda County using data made available by the FBI Uniform Crime Reports. The fact sheet is produced as a part of the Alameda County Violence Prevention Blueprint, led by Supervisor Nate Miley, and is intended to help guide decision-making as it related [...]

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Oakland Sustainable Neighborhoods Data and Maps

The Oakland Sustainable Neighborhood Initiative (OSNI) is a project consisting of the City of Oakland and a variety of nonprofits in order to equitably develop the commercial and residential areas along International Boulevard, connected to the efforts to build a Bus Rapid Transit route by AC Transit.  Workgroups consisting of these partners were convened to [...]

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Alameda County Violent Crime Fact Sheet 2012

As part of our work in supporting the Alameda County Violence Prevention Initiative we recently produced an update of our county Violence Fact Sheet.  According to the 2012 uniform crime reports, Alameda County had higher rates of violent crime than California and the Nation. Over the past decade, 2003 to 2013, Alameda County has become [...]

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Excel Batch Geocoder

Batch geocoding, a service that used to be provided for free, has now become pay-for service. Still, there are some places that offer limited but free geocoding. The best that I have found so far is offered by the University of Texas A&M ( One of the geoservices offered is an API to their geocoding [...]

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Eden Area Livability Initiative Community Profile 2013

The Eden Area Community Profile 2013 was commissioned by Alameda County Supervisor Nate Mileyto provide both a new baseline for understanding the five diverse communities in the Eden Area and to evaluate the changes since the initial profile was prepared. It is intended to support the work of Phase II of the Eden Area Livability [...]

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Oakland Fires

We've mapped the fire incidents to Zillow's version of Oakland's neighborhoods to show the rough distribution in 2012 to give you some idea of the pattern of structure fires in Oakland. The file contains call information, response times and our geocoded locations based upon the addresses provided, in all about 47,920 records. When you strip down [...]

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Healthy Housing in Oakland

The data presented in our new report show that Oakland is a city of disparities, many of which are reproduced in the City’s topography. Oakland—as a whole—is very diverse; the same cannot be said for many parts of the City. […]

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