Oakland Sustainable Neighborhoods Data and Maps

The Oakland Sustainable Neighborhood Initiative (OSNI) is a project consisting of the City of Oakland and a variety of nonprofits in order to equitably develop the commercial and residential areas along International Boulevard, connected to the efforts to build a Bus Rapid Transit route by AC Transit.  Workgroups consisting of these partners were convened to [...]

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Oakland Fires

We've mapped the fire incidents to Zillow's version of Oakland's neighborhoods to show the rough distribution in 2012 to give you some idea of the pattern of structure fires in Oakland. The file contains call information, response times and our geocoded locations based upon the addresses provided, in all about 47,920 records. When you strip down [...]

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Healthy Housing in Oakland

The data presented in our new report show that Oakland is a city of disparities, many of which are reproduced in the City’s topography. Oakland—as a whole—is very diverse; the same cannot be said for many parts of the City. […]

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Foreclosures in Oakland, 2007-2011

Between 2007 and 2011, there were over 10,500 completed foreclosures in the City of Oakland.  While foreclosure activity peaked in 2008, the housing crisis has eased only in relative terms.  In 2011, there were still over 1,300 new completed foreclosures in Oakland, and after a brief period of decline between May and October, foreclosure activity [...]

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Oakland Crime Maps for 2011 by Police Beat

These maps represent crime reports that have been aggregated to police beats for a number of key crime types including robbery, shootings, burglary, property and violent crimes as well as homicides. Like most measures of social outcomes and neighborhood indicators, crime is not evenly dispersed across the city, so a citywide average does not speak [...]

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Oakland Stressors – 2011 Update

The City of Oakland and Urban Strategies Council have developed a new Stressor model for the city using the latest available neighborhood data. This model provides a rank for every Community Police Beat in Oakland that indicates the relatively high or low levels of 'stress' on a neighborhood. The new model has been adjusted to [...]

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Elementary Schools Slated to be Closed

Last year, the Oakland Unified School District decided to close 5 elementary schools. The decision was made to save the district an estimated $2 Million. Click on the thumbnail to see where these schools are located and to see an enrollment profile for school year 2011 -2012.  

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Community Benefits Districts in Oakland

The map below shows the location of the nine CBDs/BIDs currently in force in Oakland. Combined, these districts budgeted over $3.9 million in improvement to the public realm in 2010. Locally, create of these entities is enabled by the Oakland Business Improvement Management District (Ord. 12190). The creation of a CBD/BID begins when property owners who [...]

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Major Ethnic Groups in Alameda County

The State of California requires that county supervisorial districts are redrawn after each decennial census to better reflect the voting population. As Alameda County prepares to redraw these district lines, it is helpful to examine how well these districts represent our communities. Supervisorial lines can divide or combine groups of people, impacting the political power [...]

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Age Groups in Oakland Over the Past Three Decades

We noticed a lot of articles lately about the aging bay area population and decided to take a look at just Oakland. We threw together the last three decennial censuses: 1990, 2000, and 2010 and plotted the 5-year age categories. For comparison, we added the California 2010 Age Profile. The percentages represent the proportion of [...]

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