We have always had a community data service available where we offer a limited amount of time to help CBOs, government staff and independent researchers find data, get that data, find maps or other technical work we may have produced or could put together very quickly. We just haven’t made it really easy for you to know about that service- not by intention, just because it was never highlighted anywhere on our websites. We’re now fixing that omission.

If you are a nonprofit, government, or community member working to improve Oakland or the East Bay, we’re here to help. If after reviewing our websites (http://urbanstrategies.org AND http://infoalamedacounty.org), you haven’t found what you need, please fill out the form below.

We’ll contact you as quickly as we can after we receive your request, at which point, we will work to help you find the best data to meet your needs. We can provide eligible requestors with half an hour of free assistance.

We usually get an answer to folks in just a couple days, but if the request is particularly complex it could take longer.

Next time you’re struggling to find a map or dataset for Oakland or Alameda County in particular, know that you’re welcome to contact us and we’ll help to the extent we can- we do have gobs of data and maps and we’re happy to simply connect you to the right person if we’re not in possession of the right thing.

Data Request Form