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Culturally-Focused Manhood Development Programs

Culturally-focused manhood development programs are school-based and/or community-based programs that provide instruction and support led by males of the same cultural/ethnic background and include healing circles, rites of passage, intergenerational mentoring, academic support, life skills training and, at their core, build the resiliency of boys and young men

Target Population: The program targets Southeast Asians, low-income, immigrants, children of immigrants, and high-risk young men of color ages 14-21.

Service Area: Participants live and attend schools in Oakland.

Schools included, Westlake Middle, Oakland High, Oakland Technical High School, Skyline High School, Fremont High School, and Laney and Merritt Colleges

Target Population: The program focuses on empowering young people that have been directly and indirectly impacted by the criminal justice system. Program staff work with young men from 12 to 40 years of age.

Service Area: San Antonio/Fruitvale neighborhood, as well as Deep East Oakland; students at Dewey Academy and Street Academy

Target Population: The program uses school indicator data to identify at-risk boys and men of color, grades 3-12, attending one of its 16 school sites to enroll in the school-day Manhood Development class

Service Area: The OUSD AAMA MDP provides services for students enrolled in 16 elementary, middle, and high schools located in OUSD

Target Population: Latino youth, ages 6-25

Service Area: Participants live in and/or attend Oakland
Unified School District middle and high schools including Bret
Harte Middle School, United for Success Academy, Fremont,
Skyline and Castlemont High Schools

Target Population: The program works with violently injured youth between the ages of 12-24. In 2013, 70% of clients were African-American and 26% were Latino

Service Area: Referrals are received from three hospitals: Highland Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Oakland, and most recently Eden Medical Center. In 2013, Highland Hospital made 85% of the referrals and although these three hospitals serve patients throughout

Target Population: Young Native men, ages 16-24

Service Area: While the organization serves Native Americans from several tribes and seven counties throughout the Bay Area, Intertribal Friendship House’s intensive manhood development activities support its Oakland members exclusively

The Mentoring Center 

Target Population: This program serves highly at-risk youth and young adults ages 13-25 who are incarcerated, on probation, parole, in the adjudication process, or at risk of school expulsion. Three-quarters of participants are African American, 20% are Latino, and 3% are Asian American.

Service Area: Participants live throughout Alameda County, although a majority live in Oakland, primary West and East Oakland.

Target Population: Village Connect serves a broad range of youth and young adults in Alameda County. Specific populations include young men of color ages 18-30 who were previously incarcerated and/or on parole.

Service Area: Alameda and San Francisco counties, primarily Oakland.

Target Population: Oakland male youth of color ages 8-17 years of age and their families.

Service Area: Serving boys young men of color in Oakland,
particularly San Antonio, Fruitvale and East Oakland.

Training and technical assistance provided throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

Target Population: Transitioning-aged African American
young men who have been near or involved in street life.

Service Area: Participants live all throughout Oakland; however,
the young men meet weekly at United Roots located in North