We Are Trusted Local Community Research Partners

Urban Strategies Council has been providing consulting research services to our community for almost three decades. We are a trusted research partner to many public agencies and community based organizations and are seen as Oakland’s go-to data shop.

Our research team can provide data driven answers to your questions.
We are leaders in the community data field and leverage our networks to ensure our team is technically adept and grounded in the context of our community.

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Applied Social Research

Our staff is highly qualified and diverse, with an excellent understanding of current issues in Oakland and the East Bay.  We bring our team to bear on projects from simple data profiles to complex analysis of root causes.

For your project we offer a range of technical services from field interviews, online survey development, focus groups and community convenings.  We are trusted across the East Bay and can bring together many communities to conduct field research.  We also offer services to help you with community mapping projects.

Data Analysis

Looking for data? You’re in the right place. For fifteen years we’ve been compiling a huge data warehouse of data from the East Bay and especially for Oakland.  We can leverage these investments to aid in your project, from foreclosures to crime to health outcomes, our data warehouse can provide valuable context and background for your project.

Our team is a nationally awarded group of public health researchers, educators, geographers, crime analysts and planners, and we’ll work with you to understand not just the scope of your data analysis project but also your end goals so we can tailor our work to best suit your uses.


We’ve worked with county agencies and small nonprofits to help them prepare for external evaluations and have performed evaluations and needs assessments for a variety of organizations in the Bay Area.

We offer Formative Evaluation Services where we help you assess your organization’s activities and programs in relation to your goals and outcomes. We then help you shape your programs to best meet your intended outcomes.

We also offer Summative Evaluation services for your projects and work with you to help document outcomes and impacts of specific programs, interventions and strategies.  These services are typically longer term partnerships and may require cohort development and advanced data gathering to support your learning.

Local Data Provider

We can provide Oakland and many regional datasets or indicators upon request.  If you work for a nonprofit or government agency we offer up to twenty minutes of our time to help with your request for free. If we can deliver in that time we will, but if your data request is larger and more complicated, or if you work for a private company or university, we must charge for data requests.

Please use our web form to submit your request for data or maps, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


We’re proud to be a founding partner of the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership- a learning network of organizations using community data to make change!

Interested in working with us? Send us a consulting inquiry here.

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