OpenOakland, the City of Oakland, Urban Strategies Council and a few other key, local organizations will be holding a CityCamp at City Hall on December 1st. We are expecting 100-150 people to attend and hope you will join us.

A CityCamp is an unstructured conference where municipal employees, department heads, technology folks, developers (of software), journalists and engaged citizens can meet and discuss the intersections of technology and local government- how innovative technology and data uses can improve civic engagement, increase efficiency and transparency, connect residents and also incubate the technology community in our city.

We will be bring together people like yourself to share ideas to enhance government transparency, citizen participation, and accountability, which will support more informed, healthy, livable communities.  We will also build on the success of the Code for Oakland Hack-a-thons and other exciting developments in the tech and civic communities in Oakland.

Stay updated on the event and other CityCamp happenings via Google Groups, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr:

To find out more about this event visit http://www.citycampoak.org/

To register and to see who else is attending check out http://citycampoak2012.eventbrite.com/