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Only 40 Percent of Oakland Kindergartners Ready to Start School |KQED

In a detailed statistical report called “Oakland Achieves,” the Great Oakland Public Schools Leadership Center and the Urban Strategies Council looked at everything from graduation rates to state test scores to third grade reading to kindergarten readiness. It’s that last that’s among the most startling. Read More  

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Opening Up, Students Transform a Vicious Circle | NY Times

A report by the Urban Strategies Council, a research and policy organization in Oakland, showed that African-American boys made up 17 percent of the district’s enrollment but 42 percent of all suspensions, and were six times more likely to be suspended than their white male classmates. Read More

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Oakland school report is a joint effort | SF Chronicle

Business leaders in Oakland joined forces with community activists and education advocates to release a first-of-its-kind report Wednesday designed to break down perplexing data and focus efforts and resources on key areas of need. Read more  

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