Violence and Stress in Oakland’s Neighborhoods

Oakland is a thriving city by many measures, yet some neighborhoods experience conditions of violence that have become so commonplace as to seem unpreventable – even expected. While many areas of Oakland enjoy prosperity and rarely see violence, some neighborhoods are in despair, besieged by those risk factors that have well acquainted them to violence. [...]

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Alameda County Violent Crime Fact Sheet 2013

Since 2010, Urban Strategies Council has produced and published a snapshot of violent crime in Alameda County using data made available by the FBI Uniform Crime Reports. The fact sheet is produced as a part of the Alameda County Violence Prevention Blueprint, led by Supervisor Nate Miley, and is intended to help guide decision-making as [...]

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2012 Alameda County Violent Crime Fact Sheet

As part of our work in supporting the Alameda County Violence Prevention Initiative we recently produced an update of our county Violence Fact Sheet.  According to the 2012 uniform crime reports, Alameda County had higher rates of violent crime than California and the Nation. Over the past decade, 2003 to 2012, Alameda County and California [...]

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Our take on Oakland’s 100 Blocks Plan

In order to deploy resources such as police presence most effectively, it behooves a city to know where criminal activity is most prevalent. Because of the impact on the City and its residents, of most concern are areas where shootings and homicides occur most frequently. This reasoning appears to be a driving factor in the [...]

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Oakland Stressors – 2011 Update

The City of Oakland and Urban Strategies Council have developed a new Stressor model for the city using the latest available neighborhood data. This model provides a rank for every Community Police Beat in Oakland that indicates the relatively high or low levels of 'stress' on a neighborhood. The new model has been adjusted to [...]

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Alameda County Violent Crime Factsheet 2001-2010

The FBI have just released their latest Uniform Crime Reports data for City and County crime reports (FBI site), so we have updated our Violent Crimes in Alameda County fact sheet for 2010.  This brief report presents an overview of violent crimes in various cities in the county from 2001-2010.  This fact sheet is an [...]

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Oakland Crime Hot Spot Maps for the 1st Quarter of 2011

These crime report hot spot maps were developed for the Oakland Police Department to aid with intelligence-led policing efforts, to provide resource management support and to aid in targeting crime suppression tactics. These hot spot maps depict crime reports of: Violent Crime, Property Crime and Burglary and are arranged by Command Areas for the 1st [...]

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