Building Alameda County’s First Public Health & Human Services Data Portal

Urban Strategies Council, First Five Alameda County and Eden I&R (the provider of 2-1-1 services in Alameda County) recently agreed to jointly build the first ever Health and Human Services Data Portal in California. The Data Portal will increase accessibility to Health and Human Services Information resources that can be utilized by the public as [...]

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Healthy Stores Survey released

The Healthy Stores for Healthy Communities campaign just released the results of their statewide surveys. We've included their factsheet for Alameda County below as it contains some useful data on our communities here. More than 7,000 stores were surveyed in all 58 California counties, which included convenience, supermarket, liquor, tobacco, small market, discount, drug and [...]

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Healthy Housing in Oakland

A well-established body of academic, clinical, and community-level research has demonstrated that conditions within housing units can deeply impact the physical and mental health of individuals in those units, for better or worse. In many areas, the literature is conclusive: just as a dilapidated apartment with a cockroach problem can trigger asthma in a vulnerable [...]

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