New Deal Involving City-Owned Land Contradicts City’s Own Goals

Co-written by Steve King, Bobby Stahl and Spike. Judging by the development plans being discussed for seven acres of city-owned land at Oak Knoll, we would guess that no one involved in the deal has happened across the City’s own Playbook For a Resilient Oakland. The Playbook has been publicly available for a few short months, and [...]

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Tyrone And Maria Don’t Live In Oakland Anymore: The Impact Of Housing Displacement On Employment Eligibility

All Oaklanders should be deeply concerned about the ongoing displacement of long-time Oakland residents who can no longer afford to live in the city or who have been pushed out of affordable housing, whether through legal or illegal means. While we debate about the number of victims, what government or the private sector should do [...]

Oakland’s Housing Affordability Crisis

As part of the City of Oakland’s A Roadmap Toward Equity report, Urban Strategies Council prepared a comprehensive data profile of the City’s current housing situation. By every measure, Oakland is in the midst of an affordability crisis: the vast majority of residents cannot afford to buy a home, nor would they be able to afford [...]

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Mapping FCC Broadband Access in Alameda County

These maps show data from the Federal Communications Commission the varying degree of access to high speed (broadband) internet connections across Alameda County. The first map shows the rate of households per 1,000 that have a broadband internet connection greater than 200 kbps (kilobits per second).  This map broadly shows the density of households that [...]

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