Launching today: the Savvy Consumer Toolkit

Urban Strategies Council and AC CAN are pleased to announce the online launch of the Savvy Consumer Toolkit! This Toolkit is a financial education curriculum with a community consciousness, as it uses popular education to develop critical thinking skills regarding the long term cost and community impact of predatory financial products and services.  Toolkit participants become more informed [...]

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Community Benefits Districts in Oakland

Wouldn't it be great if you and your neighbors could all chip in $5 to get the city to fill those nagging potholes quicker? Well you can...sort of. Commercial areas in California can form Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) -- recently rechristened "Community Benefits Districts" (CBDs) -- to create a new tax assessment and pay for [...]

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OUSD Foreclosure Linkage

This document is intended as a guide to help quantify the size of the foreclosure problem in Oakland as it relates to students enrolled in the Oakland Unified School District. It contains data linked with a proprietary method to combine three distinct datasets. These tables were generated from three datasets: OUSD public school student database [...]

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