Hard Math for Boys and Men of Color in Alameda County

Inadequate Education + Low Income + High Rates of Illness = Unhealthy Communities for Boys and Men of Color and Their Families In Alameda County Few would dispute that income and education are important for well-being and long-term health. This relationship is well documented and supported by an impressive body of research, much of which [...]

Updated Alameda County Violent Crime Fact Sheet Released

Since 2010, Urban Strategies Council has produced and published a snapshot of violent crime in Alameda County using data made available by the FBI Uniform Crime Reports. The fact sheet is produced as a part of the Alameda County Violence Prevention Blueprint, led by Supervisor Nate Miley, and is intended to help guide decision-making as [...]

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Innovative Solutions: Richmond ONS Peacemaker Fellowship

Last week, the City of Richmond Office of Neighborhood Safety (ONS) was featured on Al-Jazeera’s America Tonight two part series “Paying For Peace” on their innovative approach to violence prevention and reduction. On Tuesday, April 1st 2014 the joint tables of the Oakland – Alameda County Alliance for Boys and Men of Color Alliance welcomed [...]

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2012 Alameda County Violent Crime Fact Sheet

As part of our work in supporting the Alameda County Violence Prevention Initiative we recently produced an update of our county Violence Fact Sheet.  According to the 2012 uniform crime reports, Alameda County had higher rates of violent crime than California and the Nation. Over the past decade, 2003 to 2012, Alameda County and California [...]

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Smarter Crime Fighting

It's a rare thing for us to post something from the TED world but this talk by Anne Milgram of the Arnold Foundation (and the former attorney general of New Jersey) is worth watching.  Our work to build a more data driven community safety and justice system in Alameda County mirrors much of her experience [...]

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2011 Oakland Crime Review

In 2011, Oakland experienced a number of changes in crime patterns when compared to previous years. Overall, reported violent crime in 2011 was almost identical in volume to 2010 with 6,805 reports, while property crimes saw a 5.4% increase over the prior year, up to 25,995. Major changes in citywide indicators included a drastic jump [...]

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Oakland Crime Maps for 2011 by Police Beat

Like most measures of social outcomes and neighborhood indicators, crime is not evenly dispersed across the city, so a citywide average does not speak to the reality of every neighborhood in the same way. Our beat level crime maps are powerful tools for examining distribution and change in crime across our city. In 2011 we [...]

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