Call-To-Action: Exploring Solutions for Affordable Housing in Alameda County, an AC CAN Quarterly Stakeholder Convening

As the housing crisis intensifies in the Bay Area, financial coaches, social workers, and other income and asset building service providers have found the focus of their work changing.  Clients are more than just housing ‘cost-burdened,’ (spending more than 30 percent of their income on housing), they are often spending more than 50 or 60 [...]

From Theory to Practice: Three Lessons on Equity and Collective Impact

First posted on the Living Cities blog: This is the second of a two-part series on insights about equity in collective impact emerging from Urban Strategies Council’s work in Oakland, CA, exploring how the process of working together with an explicit equity agenda across communities and systems can strengthen very local, grassroots efforts in specific [...]

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Investing In Opportunity Youth In Oakland-Alameda County

Last week we were awarded an implementation grant from the Aspen Forum for Community Solutions for our Oakland-Alameda County Opportunity Youth Initiative. The focus of this local initiative is to connect Opportunity Youth (young people aged 16-24 years who are not in school nor employed) in Oakland-Alameda County to stabilization services, education and training, and [...]

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Open Data stories #1

An underlying premise behind open data is that you, the creator of a dataset, may not know the best use of your data and therefore need to leave the data open and let the future decide. It is a hard decision for a data analyst who believes that data needs to be properly handled by [...]

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Don’t silo your geeks

**First posted on Harvard Data Smart Cities here I’ve just told another partner organization “Don’t silo your geeks!”  It’s about the tenth time this year that I’ve conveyed this message. The way most organizations utilize research, mapping and data is the same whether the analysis comes from an internal group or a contracted partner. You [...]

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