African American Males in OUSD: Massive Suspension Disparities

                African American males were suspended at a rate more than six times that of white males across the district and over three times the rate of other students. One of three reports that Urban Strategies Council has produced for the African American Male Achievement Initiative based on [...]

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Foreclosures in Oakland, 2007-2011

Between 2007 and 2011, there were over 10,500 completed foreclosures in the City of Oakland.  While foreclosure activity peaked in 2008, the housing crisis has eased only in relative terms.  In 2011, there were still over 1,300 new completed foreclosures in Oakland, and after a brief period of decline between May and October, foreclosure activity [...]

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2011 Oakland Crime Review

In 2011, Oakland experienced a number of changes in crime patterns when compared to previous years. Overall, reported violent crime in 2011 was almost identical in volume to 2010 with 6,805 reports, while property crimes saw a 5.4% increase over the prior year, up to 25,995. Major changes in citywide indicators included a drastic jump [...]

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Oakland Crime Maps for 2011 by Police Beat

Like most measures of social outcomes and neighborhood indicators, crime is not evenly dispersed across the city, so a citywide average does not speak to the reality of every neighborhood in the same way. Our beat level crime maps are powerful tools for examining distribution and change in crime across our city. In 2011 we [...]

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Philadelphia Fed Reinventing Older Communityes Conference

We'll be in Phily in May with the Federal Reserve Bank's conference on Building Resilient Cities. We think we have the most exciting session in the entire conference: Innovation with New Information! We have our Research & Tech Director, Steve Spiker, a colleague from Code for America/OpenPlans- Mjumbe Poe and Jason Kiesel from CitySourced on [...]

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Oakland Stressors – 2011 Update

The City of Oakland and Urban Strategies Council have developed a new Stressor model for the city using the latest available neighborhood data. This model provides a rank for every Community Police Beat in Oakland that indicates the relatively high or low levels of 'stress' on a neighborhood. The new model has been adjusted to [...]

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Community Benefits Districts in Oakland

Wouldn't it be great if you and your neighbors could all chip in $5 to get the city to fill those nagging potholes quicker? Well you can...sort of. Commercial areas in California can form Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) -- recently rechristened "Community Benefits Districts" (CBDs) -- to create a new tax assessment and pay for [...]

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