Mapping Oakland Fires

We'll be publishing some new data for this weekend's International Open Data Day and wanted to give people a look at what it contains. We obtained Oakland Fire Department calls for service data under a public Records Act request a year ago for a Healthy Homes project, but the data unfortunately did not contain enough [...]

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Alameda County releases more geospatial data!

We would like to applaud and spread the word about Alameda County's increased offerings for geospatial data. For anyone who looked before, you remember the single layer of parcel outlines. The new offerings include layers from supervisor districts to sanitation districts. This is a small step towards open data and we look forward to seeing [...]

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GIS layers of state-level congressional districts, ethnicity, & population data

Of late, we have attended some meetings discussing community involvement and redistricting. To get up to speed, we created some boundary GIS layers of state-level congressional districts and tacked-on some ethnicity and population attributes. These layers are available for free at ArcGIS online. If you use arcmap, click on the add data link and navigate [...]

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