Oakland Stressors – 2011 Update

The City of Oakland and Urban Strategies Council have developed a new Stressor model for the city using the latest available neighborhood data. This model provides a rank for every Community Police Beat in Oakland that indicates the relatively high or low levels of 'stress' on a neighborhood. The new model has been adjusted to [...]

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Alameda County Violent Crime Factsheet 2001-2010

The FBI have just released their latest Uniform Crime Reports data for City and County crime reports (FBI site), so we have updated our Violent Crimes in Alameda County fact sheet for 2010.  This brief report presents an overview of violent crimes in various cities in the county from 2001-2010.  This fact sheet is an [...]

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Race to the Bottom: An Analysis of Hamp Loan Modification Outcomes by Race and Ethnicity for California

As the nation’s largest banks are paying multi-billion dollar settlements and being investigated by Attorneys General and other regulators, many of their servicing problems and abuses continue to hurt homeowners. A new report by the California Reinvestment Coalition (CRC) with data analysis by Urban Strategies Council, “Race to the Bottom: An Analysis of HAMP Loan [...]

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OUSD Foreclosure Linkage

This document is intended as a guide to help quantify the size of the foreclosure problem in Oakland as it relates to students enrolled in the Oakland Unified School District. It contains data linked with a proprietary method to combine three distinct datasets. These tables were generated from three datasets: OUSD public school student database [...]

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OUSD Chronic Absenteeism Study

In early 2010 the Council conducted a detailed research study into the patterns and trends of attendance in Oakland public schools in partnership with the OUSD Research, Assessment: Data team and Attendance Counts. This research and the following spatial analysis revealed high levels of chronic absence in our district (Chronic Absence is defined as missing [...]

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