When the Data Flowed to Indianapolis

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When the Data Flowed to Indianapolis Last week the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership convening was held in Indiana. These events have been running twice a year since about 1996 and are a unique place for community development, social researchers, mappers, data scientists and planners to get together to share lessons with their peers. No vendors, [...]

Helping Those Who Help Others: Our Direct Connect Story

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Helping Those Who Help Others: Our Direct Connect Story Co-written by Steve Spiker, Alison Feldman and Breeanna Decker   Urban Strategies Council is great at bringing together people who should be talking, but are not. It’s part of how we get stuff done. We also know what kinds of partnerships are possible and what kinds [...]

Growing our Board

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Growing our Board As you likely know, the Council just turned 30 years old! We’re expanding our purview to work across the entire Bay Area and we are experiencing growth and transition at both the staff and governance levels.  We’d like to introduce you to our wonderful new board members!   Robert Phillips Robert [...]

Holding Investors Accountable in Oakland

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Holding Investors Accountable in Oakland This is an excerpt from a new report by the Urban Institute featuring some of our work, get it here. Following the foreclosure crisis, Oakland, CA, faced a serious problem with vacant buildings. Vacant properties, particularly if not well maintained, can affect the safety and quality of life in a [...]

Building the Prison to School Pipeline

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Building the Prison to School Pipeline Campus-based Support Programs for Formerly Incarcerated College Students College can break the cycle of recidivism and transform formerly incarcerated individuals into community leaders and role models, according to a report from UC Berkeley’s School of Law.  But what is being done locally to ensure that justice involved students can [...]

A Year In Reflection from our CEO, David A Harris

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A Year In Reflection from our CEO, David A Harris On June 15, 2017, Urban Strategies Council celebrated its new CEO, David A. Harris with a reflection on his first year at the Council. Our iconic founder, Angela Glover Blackwell, led a conversation with David and we wanted to share some highlights from his vision [...]

Thoughts on the Unnatural Occurrence of Cheap Housing

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Thoughts on the Unnatural Occurrence of Cheap Housing First posted on Shelterforce online/print. CDCs and affordable housing developers have an opportunity to prevent displacement, preserve affordability, and improve the habitability of neglected housing. An under-maintained apartment building in Oakland, California. Photo courtesy of Steve King The term NOAH, or “naturally occurring affordable housing,” [...]

How We Create Opportunities For Youth

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How We Create Opportunities For Youth In May, delegates from Urban Strategies Council attended the Aspen Institute’s Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund Convening in Boston, Massachusetts.  At the Council, we’ve been focused on opportunity youth (people aged 18-24 who are disconnected from school and work) for the past few years. This interview with our CEO David [...]

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