Focus on Fathers

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Urban Strategies Council is proud to be a partner with First 5 Alameda County’s Fathers Corps program and to have participated in their recent retreat. Facilitated by Dr. David Inniss, topics and learning objectives ranged from the pervasiveness of fatherlessness in the United States and its qualitative impact, to discussing strategies for a county-wide approach [...]

Reversing the School to Prison Pipeline

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Last week, Urban Strategies Council staff attended the Creating Pathways from Youth Incarceration to Higher Education in Sacramento.  The goal of the conference was to initiate networking and to build solidarity for a statewide effort to create strong post secondary pathways for young people involved with the juvenile justice system.  Co-hosted by the Youth Law [...]

Hire expectations: a jobs program that works

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The Bay Area Young Men of Color Employment Partnership, known as BAYEP, is a collaboration of five nonprofit organizations — the Bay Area Council, LeadersUp, PolicyLink, the United Way Bay Area and the Urban Strategies Council — carving out paths for young men of color to get access to career opportunities. Read more 

Farewell to Spike, our Director of Research & Tech for over 11 years!

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This week we say farewell to our Director of Research and Technology, Steve Spiker.  Spike has served the Council since he immigrated to the USA almost twelve years ago, right when our country was heading into the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. While the financial crisis impacted all, Oakland and the East Bay’s [...]

Year In Review: Finding the Good in 2017

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Dear Friends, As the year comes to a close, I’m proud to share some highlights of the Council’s achievements and activities in 2017. When I arrived in the summer of 2016, I learned quickly that the Council needed to assess our strategic direction (to increase our impact and strengthen our sustainability), and would benefit from [...]

When the Data Flowed to Indianapolis

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When the Data Flowed to Indianapolis Last week the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership convening was held in Indiana. These events have been running twice a year since about 1996 and are a unique place for community development, social researchers, mappers, data scientists and planners to get together to share lessons with their peers. No vendors, [...]

Helping Those Who Help Others: Our Direct Connect Story

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Helping Those Who Help Others: Our Direct Connect Story Co-written by Steve Spiker, Alison Feldman and Breeanna Decker   Urban Strategies Council is great at bringing together people who should be talking, but are not. It’s part of how we get stuff done. We also know what kinds of partnerships are possible and what kinds [...]

Growing our Board

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Growing our Board As you likely know, the Council just turned 30 years old! We’re expanding our purview to work across the entire Bay Area and we are experiencing growth and transition at both the staff and governance levels.  We’d like to introduce you to our wonderful new board members!   Robert Phillips Robert [...]

Holding Investors Accountable in Oakland

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Holding Investors Accountable in Oakland This is an excerpt from a new report by the Urban Institute featuring some of our work, get it here. Following the foreclosure crisis, Oakland, CA, faced a serious problem with vacant buildings. Vacant properties, particularly if not well maintained, can affect the safety and quality of life in a [...]

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