About Spike

Spike has research experience in community development, housing, criminology, spatial epidemiology and reentry issues. He speaks nationally about data driven decision making and was chosen as one of Next American City’s Vanguard class of 2012 and honored as a White House Champion of Change in 2013. He’s a dad, husband and co-author for the new book on open public data: Beyond Transparency.

Foresight 2020: The Oakland Votes Coalition report

After a successful year in 2013 we wanted to share with you our newly released report that provides a powerful overview of the work necessary to protect our voting rights in Oakland. The Oakland Votes Redistricting Coalition (OVRC) is a coalition of organizations and activists who fought to defend voting rights in our city in [...]

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Clearing the air on the DAC

In recent weeks we’ve heard from many concerned residents of Oakland that they would like to know more about our “report that shows the DAC and cameras will reduce crime”.  We rarely feel compelled to correct public misinformation about our work but we feel that this is an important issue and our organization’s reputation is [...]

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Healthy Stores Survey released

The Healthy Stores for Healthy Communities campaign just released the results of their statewide surveys. We've included their factsheet for Alameda County below as it contains some useful data on our communities here. More than 7,000 stores were surveyed in all 58 California counties, which included convenience, supermarket, liquor, tobacco, small market, discount, drug and [...]

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Eden Area Livability Initiative: Community Profile 2013

The Eden Area Community Profile 2013 was commissioned by Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley to provide both a new baseline for understanding the five diverse communities in the Eden Area and to evaluate the changes since the initial profile was prepared. It is intended to support the work of Phase II of the Eden Area [...]

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Lead Contamination Repair Grants Available

Grants Available for Home Repairs  Do you have a pre-1978 home in Berkeley, Alameda, Emeryville or Oakland? Are there any children under 6, or a pregnant woman, living in the home? Or do children under 6 regularly visit? Is the household low-income? If so, you may qualify for up to $4,000 in grants for lead [...]

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Our 2014 Team

We're putting the finishing touches on our first Impact Report this week and we realized that we didn't have a current pic of our team, so here are the great people behind all of our work lately and the crew to lead us strong in 2014, minus one fantastic Mr. Calvin Williams!

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Oakland’s Citizens Redistricting Commission

In late 2013 as the city's redistricting process began to wind down, several organizations involved in the Oakland Votes Coalition and city officials began talking about the possibility of creating a Citizens Redistricting Commission to avoid the usual politicized process in Oakland every 10 years.  The commission concept has been discussed as being somewhat aligned [...]

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Affordable Housing Needs (Data)

Way back in 2011, we carried out a comprehensive study of the data landscape in the Bay Area related to the important work of affordable housing and neighborhood stabilization efforts for Enterprise Community Partners.  The report got delivered to our clients but we realized that we did not ever publish the results. Despite the time [...]

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