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Steve holds a MS in Urban Planning from Columbia University, and a BA in Environmental Science with a specialization in Geographic Analysis from Boston University. He is also the Executive Director of the Oakland Community Land Trust.

Oakland removes $5.9 million in property liens

Digging through recent city council meetings, we noticed that the city and county are considering removing $5.9 million of delinquent liens on 75 properties in Oakland. Read on to see where these properties are. The Oakland City Council is considering removing liens from 75 properties.A lien is a notice attached to your property telling the [...]

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Healthy Housing in Oakland

A well-established body of academic, clinical, and community-level research has demonstrated that conditions within housing units can deeply impact the physical and mental health of individuals in those units, for better or worse. In many areas, the literature is conclusive: just as a dilapidated apartment with a cockroach problem can trigger asthma in a vulnerable [...]

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Who Owns Your Neighborhood? The Role of Investors in Post-Foreclosure Oakland

Since 2007, there have been over 10,000 completed foreclosures in the City of Oakland.  With the much needed attention given to foreclosure prevention, there has been very little focus on what has happened to properties after foreclosure. This report seeks to fill this gap. The point of departure for our analysis is the precise moment [...]

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Foreclosures in Oakland, 2007-2011

Between 2007 and 2011, there were over 10,500 completed foreclosures in the City of Oakland.  While foreclosure activity peaked in 2008, the housing crisis has eased only in relative terms.  In 2011, there were still over 1,300 new completed foreclosures in Oakland, and after a brief period of decline between May and October, foreclosure activity [...]

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Race to the Bottom: An Analysis of Hamp Loan Modification Outcomes by Race and Ethnicity for California

As the nation’s largest banks are paying multi-billion dollar settlements and being investigated by Attorneys General and other regulators, many of their servicing problems and abuses continue to hurt homeowners. A new report by the California Reinvestment Coalition (CRC) with data analysis by Urban Strategies Council, “Race to the Bottom: An Analysis of HAMP Loan [...]

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