About Rosalyn Epstein

Rosalyn Epstein coordinates the Alameda County Community Asset Network which builds local capacity to create economic equity by working collectively with its members to develop innovative asset-building strategies, services, and policies. It has the ultimate goal of increasing the income and assets of low-to-moderate income Alameda County residents. Rosalyn also coordinates income and asset development programs for Urban Strategies Council. During her career, Rosalyn has developed and managed asset-building programs for youth and adults which include financial education, financial coaching, tax preparation, and managing a VITA tax preparation site. She also worked in youth sexual and reproductive health and built a culturally responsive and LGBTQ-inclusive sexuality education curriculum. She has a B.A. in Women’s Studies from Smith College and an MSW from the University of California, Berkeley.

Call-To-Action: Exploring Solutions for Affordable Housing in Alameda County, an AC CAN Quarterly Stakeholder Convening

As the housing crisis intensifies in the Bay Area, financial coaches, social workers, and other income and asset building service providers have found the focus of their work changing.  Clients are more than just housing ‘cost-burdened,’ (spending more than 30 percent of their income on housing), they are often spending more than 50 or 60 [...]