About Rebecca Brown

Rebecca received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley in Organizational Behavior and her undergraduate degree in economics and psychology from the University of California at Davis. She manages and supports a team of researchers working on issues around equity, education, health, violence prevention, and reentry from incarceration.

Oakland Achieves Public School Progress Report for 2014-2015

The Oakland Achieves Partnership has just released our third annual Progress Report on Public Education. In this report we highlight impressive progress in attendance and suspensions, and, at the same time, stark disparities in outcomes among student groups and unacceptably low performance overall in some areas. […]

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Attendance Improves in Crucial Early Grades in Oakland

The latest Oakland Grade Level Reading Update, written by Urban Strategies Council and Oakland Reads 2020 staff, finds notable improvement in attendance among early grade learners in the Oakland Unified School District.   Why focus on attendance in the early grades? Kindergarten and first grade students with good attendance are almost four times more likely to [...]

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Many challenges for Oakland’s young students

Many children who are not reading at grade level by third grade face multiple learning challenges along the way. For instance in Oakland, only 54% of OUSD students enter kindergarten with the early literacy skills that research has shown predict reading success. Kindergarteners also have the highest rate of chronic absence (missing 10% or more [...]

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Oakland Literacy: the infographic

Want to have highlights on literacy outcomes for Oakland public school kids at your fingertips? If you're not likely to dig into our full report on the state of literacy in Oakland, this is the tool for you- a quick glance at how our children are doing and how different issues affect their success. This [...]

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African American Males in OUSD: Massive Suspension Disparities

                African American males were suspended at a rate more than six times that of white males across the district and over three times the rate of other students. One of three reports that Urban Strategies Council has produced for the African American Male Achievement Initiative based on [...]

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