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Savvy Consumer – What we’re learning so far

During the course of their work in Alameda County, our members discovered a gap among the existing financial education and credit building tools available.  Existing tools focused on individual choices, including budgeting and saving.  However, these tools did not address the immediate situation in which many community residents found themselves – trapped in the predatory [...]

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Savvy Consumer – Helping to protect and build wealth locally

One of the highlights of our Income and Asset Development program is the Alameda County Community Asset Network (AC CAN), a collaborative of financial institutions, community based organizations and public agencies working to develop innovative income and asset building strategies, service and policies.  AC CAN members recognize that increasing access to appropriate banking products is [...]

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Opening Up, Students Transform a Vicious Circle | NY Times

A report by the Urban Strategies Council, a research and policy organization in Oakland, showed that African-American boys made up 17 percent of the district’s enrollment but 42 percent of all suspensions, and were six times more likely to be suspended than their white male classmates. Read More

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Oakland school report is a joint effort | SF Chronicle

Business leaders in Oakland joined forces with community activists and education advocates to release a first-of-its-kind report Wednesday designed to break down perplexing data and focus efforts and resources on key areas of need. Read more  

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Taking A Stand | EBX

Many East Bay residents have been fighting foreclosures with the help of community activist groups that put pressure on banks. Read More  

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Oakland proposal targets investors | KQED

The Oakland City Council is considering a new proposal to make investors register and maintain the properties they buy up.  Research group Urban Strategies says that over a five-year period, 40 percent of the 10,000 foreclosures in Oakland were bought by investors, most from outside the city. Read More

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Investors buying up Oakland foreclosures | Oakland Tribune

A study released Thursday by Oakland-based Urban Strategies Council found that 42 percent of foreclosed homes in Oakland have been sold to investment outfits since the housing market collapsed, and that investors have stepped up their purchases over the past three years. Read More

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