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Alison has been involved in community engagement, organizational development, and outreach work around education for many years. Alison received her M.A. in Near Eastern Studies and Journalism from New York University and her B.A. in English from the University of Pennsylvania.

Will Millions Spent on Linked Learning Improve Success Rates for Oakland High School Students?

In November 2014, Oakland voters passed a ballot measure (N) that will bring about $13 million a year to Oakland high schools to fully develop Linked Learning as a strategy for improving rates of graduation, college enrollment, and career employment after high school. But the public’s $13 million annually is only a portion of the [...]

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New Report Shows Literacy Gaps Persist in Oakland

Third Grade Reading Proficiency Falls Slightly; Reading Gaps Grow Between White Students and Students of Color Third grade reading proficiency for OUSD third graders has fallen slightly in the past year (39% to 38%), with large gaps persisting between White students and students of color, according to a recent report by the citywide grade level reading [...]

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New School Governance Regs Maximize Decision Making at EVERY School

On October 8, 2014 the OUSD Board of Education unanimously adopted school governance administrative regulations that make much-needed progress toward strengthening and sustaining the effective participation of School Site Councils (SSCs) in decision making at their schools. The school governance regulations come at a critical juncture: a change of resource allocation from the state (Local [...]

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Attending School Everyday

Making Progress, Taking Action in Oakland Schools The Oakland Achieves Partnership, a coalition of community organizations, is pleased to release “Attending School Every Day: Making Progress, Taking Action in Oakland Schools,” a report on attendance in Oakland public schools written by the Urban Strategies Council. This report makes the case that attendance in school is [...]

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Oakland Unified gets smart about discipline

The Oakland Board of Education recently adopted a host of changes to its student discipline policy, many of which were recommended in the Urban Strategies Council report, African American Male Achievement Initiative: A Closer Look at Suspensions of African American Males in OUSD (May 2012) and reiterated in the Voluntary Resolution Plan issued by the [...]

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Strategies to reach Oakland literacy goals

Oakland Reads 2020 launched our baseline report recently and in addition to providing a detailed overview of the reading status of Oakland school kids, we suggest some strategies for improving our overall district performance.  The main goal of our coalition is to move from 38% of third graders reading at grade level (2012-13) to at [...]

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Oakland’s Bilingual students are reading near the top!

OUSD has a growing percentage of English Learners who need unique and targeted supports to read proficiently by third grade.  However, bilingual elementary students are surprisingly among the most proficient in reading of all student populations. Bilingual third graders (including those who have been reclassified from English Learner status) score near the top in reading [...]

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Oakland Reads 2020 launches new literacy report

The Oakland Reads 2020 Baseline Report, released today, finds that fewer than half of OUSD third graders were reading proficiently over the last three years. Only 38% of third graders were reading proficiently in 2012-13. The Oakland Reads 2020 Baseline Report: An Examination of Pathways to Third Grade Reading in Oakland from 2010 to 2013, [...]

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What should school site governance look like in Oakland?

In April 2012, the Board of Education for the Oakland Unified School District adopted a School Governance policy (Board Policy 3625) empowering school site governance teams with expanded decision-making authority to address the specific needs of their students. OUSD asked Urban Strategies Council to facilitate a task force to develop administrative regulations to guide implementation [...]

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